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"With 16 houses and approximately 60 residents, we have a significant supported accommodation service for people with enduring mental health needs. Funding the properties has always been an issue with limited scope to improve our accommodation provision and services. Working with Resource Solutions, we have secured additional funding via rent / Housing Benefit with the support and agreement of the Local Authority and our RSL landlords. This additional funding has enabled us to fully meet our existing budgets with a view to improving the properties, living standards and accommodation services. These improvements will ultimately benefit our service users and enhance their quality of life.

"Resource Solutions added real value and expertise to the process especially when securing the support, co-operation and agreement of the Local Authority and RSLs."

- Kirsty Craig, Housing Manager, Brent Mind.


"We are a small charity and well-established provider of domestic violence services in the Milton Keynes area. We are one of the first Women′s Aid organisations to go through the process of tendering for Refuge provision and community DV services Commissioned by the local authority. We faced considerable competition from a number of large national service providers.

"Resource Solutions worked closely with us to identify our achievements, strengths and specific challenges and develop our application based on these. They worked with us through the detail of the tender documentation and helped us put together an interview strategy. They also guided us through the process of preparing a development plan to cover the next four years.

"In addition to providing professional guidance on the key tasks, they also lent much needed support to our morale during a particularly challenging period. One of their strengths is to be able to recognise what commissioning bodies look for, which helped inform our application, and enabled us to maximise our achievements. We believe Andy and Adrian played a crucial part in our ultimate success in winning the contract and would recommend them without hesitation to other service providers confronting the tendering process."

- Irene Chittenden, CEO, Milton Keynes Women′s Aid.


"Our organisation is quite diverse in nature, with schemes in three towns and cities governed by different Local Authorities and SP Teams. Resource Solutions worked closely with these major stakeholders and our RSLs to negotiate improved funding to ensure that our operational costs were covered.

"The project was a success and most importantly to us our relationship with our key stakeholders remains as strong as ever thanks to the team who were approachable, non confrontational and professional in their approach.

"Resource Solutions are currently assisting us with a property acquisition programme and I would not hesitate to recommend working with them."

- Tracy Guest, Chief Executive, Sheffield YWCA.


"We were in an appeal situation with a Local Authority over the level of Housing Benefit to be paid to our residents. The appeal had become protracted with even the appeal decision notices being contested. Despite feeling our position was lost we consulted with Resource Solutions who took up the case, secured a further appeal hearing and won the case on behalf of our residents. Resource Solutions were easy to work with and handled everything on our behalf."

- Les Woodward, Stonham Housing Association/Homegroup.


"Resource Solutions were extremely professional, easy to work with and showed a real understanding of our organisation and sector.

"As well as constructing new more realistic property budgets and rents, they liaised with our Local Authority in a friendly manner to secure their support and co-operation.

"Overall the project has secured extra funding and enabled us to improve our services and the lives of our residents."

- Sue Tagliarino, Service Development Director, Lyme Trust.


"I am writing to thank you for the very professional service that you provided in connection with the project to determine the future of our Group Homes service.

"During the course of the project we had contact with a range of your staff and without fail they were knowledgeable and always approachable. It is rare in my experience to work with consultants who genuinely understand the complex relationship between statutory and charitable sectors.

"I would have no hesitation in recommending your organisation to others involved in the provision of housing services."

- Richard Speight, Chief Executive, Buckinghamshire Mind.


"Mary Seacole is a small voluntary organisation that provides supported housing to young vulnerable people. For many years we have had difficulty struggling to raise enough funds to meet costs.

"We were introduced to Resource Solutions, who worked with us to set budgets and a property management programme. At the time we thought that we were charging adequate rents, however Resource Solutions working with us and the local authority reviewed the rents and were able to restructure them. This has produced additional funding but more importantly we are now in the position to maintain the quality of the accommodation provided to the service users and also to commit to a programme of refurbishment at all our hostel over a three year period.

"We are grateful for the services of Resource Solutions who have added real value to our organisation with practical positive outcomes for our service users."

- Audrey Lewis, Project Manager, Mary Seacole.


"Resource Solutions worked closely with us to identify our property service and accommodation costs and then constructed a rent to ensure that this expenditure was recovered through our rental income.

"They then submitted the rental proposals to Hackney & Haringey Councils on our behalf and gained their support and co-operation for the new rent levels.

"Resource Solutions expertise and efficiency meant that they were easy to work with and the project outcomes had a positive affect on the nia project."

- Jackie Hull, Director of Administration, The Nia Project.


"Bosco is a small charitable organisation providing housing support and training facilities for substance misusers.

"We were experiencing extreme financial difficulties and came very close to the service closing.

"Completely out of the blue, Adrian from Resource Solutions, contacted us and after assessing the situation he acted very quickly. He managed to negotiate significant HB increases whilst negotiating with other funders (SP & DAT).

"Financially, we are in a much healthier position and not only able to continue with our housing provision, but have started a programme of repair & refurbishment!

"Adrian is in the process of making links to try and secure the training facilities.

"I have thouroughly enjoyed working with Adrian and am extremely grateful for his input."

- Sheila Howard, Acting Manager, BOSCO.