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Rents & Housing Services

  • Are you concerned that you are not recovering your legitimate rents and housing service costs through the housing benefit system?
  • Are you worried that future changes in housing benefits will threaten your income?
  • Are reductions in support grant finance resulting in deterioration in the availability and quality of housing support to your clients?
  • Is the economic climate putting strains on your relationships with the local authorities, RSLs and other stakeholders?

Resource Solutions can help you:

  • Develop your supported housing strategy.
  • Restructure your rents and housing service charges in compliance with any changes in the regulatory framework.
  • Optimise income by ensuring that all necessary, reasonable and eligible housing service costs are recovered through the housing benefits system.
  • Secure the agreement of local authorities and landlords to revised rents and service charges.
  • Represent you and your tenants at tribunals in the event of rents and service charges being restricted unreasonably by local authorities.
  • Establish a viable model of rents and service charges to guide future property acquisitions or changes in your existing accommodation service.
  • Ensure your housing services budget enables you to meet audit requirements and maintain financial control of housing services income and expenditure.

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